Meet the countdown timer built for kids and classrooms.

Abilio creates resources for teaching and learning.

Developed in schools

All of our products are developed based on first hand experience in the classroom. Our founding team is dedicated to student success through technology.

Accessibility First

Our mission is to remove barriers and assist students of all ability levels toward achieving positive outcomes. All of our products are designed to be sensory friendly and easy to use.

Empowering Educators

Our hardware and software tools are designed to give teachers superpowers. Use the Lumino Visual Countdown Timer to improve communication with students, and watch behavior issues melt away.

Personalized Teaching Resources

Our lanyards, COVID ear savers, and even our visual timers are completely customizeable. Choose colors, add your initials, classroom number, or anything else you can think of to make it totally unique to your style!

What are teachers saying?

“This timer is seriously a game changer! I use it every day.”

Rebekah Poe
Special Education Teacher, Hueytown, AL

“The Lumino is AMAZING! I can’t wait to use it with my kids and share it with everyone!”

Chelsea Marelle
Special Education Teacher,
Little Rock, AR

“My kids love the visual aspect of the visual countdown timer!”

Erin Castillo
Special Education Teacher,
Fremont, CA

The Abilio Learning Team

  • Certified Learning and Behavior Specialist
  • 4 years classroom experience in special education
  • 2 years teaching computers/technology for students with Autism

Parker Duwelius

  • Classroom experience in special education
  • Associate of Arts, College of DuPage
  • 3D printing and design experience

Keaton Duwelius

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About us

Abilio Learning is based in Naperville, IL and uses 3D printing and web development to create helpful, custom resources for teachers and students.

Contact Us

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    330 Carriage Hill Rd.
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  • (224) 552-0910