Parker Duwelius

I am a licensed learning and behavior specialist in the state of Illinois. I started Abilio Learning to combine my passion for education with my skills in technology. I noticed some of my students struggling with transitioning between activities, and decided to make a visual support to help them anticipate changes throughout the day. This idea blossomed into the Lumino Visual Countdown Timer, the very first of our 3D printed classroom resources.

Keaton Duwelius

 I’m currently a director of operations, creating and running S.T.E.M based camps and workshops for kids! I’ve been tinkering with electronics and technology since elementary school, and I’ve had a career working with students with disabilities for 2 years. Taking my age-old hobby of making gadgets and combining it with my newfound career in elementary education has given me something I’m really passionate about. I’m seeing the improvement creative uses of technology can make in the classroom, and I hope we can show you too!