Lumino Visual Countdown Timer


  • Silent countdown leads to easy classroom transitions
  • Easy to understand light ring counts down in a clockwise direction
  • Customizable countdown time


The Lumino is our visual countdown timer, designed for the classroom. It makes it extremely easy for teachers to communicate expectations with students of all ability levels, making the learning environment better not only for educators, but for students as well.

The Lumino counts down using a bright LED ring that can be seen from anywhere in the classroom. Kids don’t need to know how to read a clock or conceptualize abstract amounts of time, they can just watch the lights slowly fade away and change color. Best of all, when the allotted time is up, it notifies students with a bright red animation. This easy method of communication makes it perfect for kids with a wide range of disabilities. We designed the Lumino for learners with Autism, but the unique way it conveys time makes it an awesome tool for anyone looking to take control of their time management.

This listing is a pre-order for our 3D printed visual countdown timer. We are finalizing manufacturing processes and expect to start fulfilling orders by July 2020. Reserve your spot in line to be one of the first to use a Lumino in your classroom! For updates on production, follow us on your favorite social media platform!


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